This coin appraisal system provides an approximate answer to the question of "How much is your coin worth?". It contains a database of coin values for most United States coins. Your coin may actually be very valuable, but only a coin expert can spot the kind of features that would qualify it for "hidden treasure" status.
Old and rare coins are generally higher than newer coin values or those that were manufactured in huge quantities. But not always.
A coin in pristine condition is more valuable than a damaged one. Hold your coins by the rim, keep them dry and never clean.
Even a really beat-up coin may have a high coin value because of the precious metal it contains. This is called its "bullion value."
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Spot Metal Prices

5/31/2024 1:36:06 PM


  Gold: $2,324.80             Silver: $30.22

  Platinum: $1,034.00       Palladium: $892.00


Precious metal price quotes can be volatile and were based on the quotes given on the date and time above. Actual values of coins may go up or down depending on when the actual time and Agreement of sale occurs.

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